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“Up until an hour ago, I thought this was a practical joke,” said Christopher Guest as he stood at the podium at the Berklee Performance Center on Friday. But there he was, having just been given the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Music … (via The Boston Globe)


“How much more black could this be?”



Last time we did Spinal Tap Tuesday!! I featured the entire script for the film online. I thought the fact that someone made a “script” for an improvised film was rather funny. Well now it seems someone has had an actual copy of it signed by members of the cast and is selling it on ebay. And what’s the price for this strike against authenticity? 16.95! Act fast, there are only 2 days left of bidding.

Full circle.


It appears (ex?) Spinal Tap drummer Mick Shrimpton has not spontaneously combusted, he’s been on MySpace! Apparently he also still harbors a bit of resentment towards Mick Fleetwood.


(Click for enlargement. Via Lisa Gidley’s site)


I was super swamped last Tuesday and neglected to post anything for Spinal Tap Tuesday! I’m sure you were all furious with intentions of lashing out with cricket bats and the like. But rest assured I’ve found quite the zinger this week!

Who would have thought that Nigel Tufnel (co-lead guitarist for the band) was a regular contributor to! Not I! Although I’ve especially enjoyed his entries regarding the song “I Want To Know What Love Is” by Foreigner and the rumors surrounding his own identity.


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