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Looks like bling may not be the investment it once was according to this article from the Wall Street Journal. Back in my day, you could trust your bling.



Image from, which offers these specially designed pads for sale.

You might remember my rant about how my iPod died the day before my 14 hour drive to Memphis, thus forcing me to listen to some pretty crappy local radio the whole way. Well after doing a little research on the internet I decided to give good ol’ kick mechanics a try (e.g. knocking it around a little). What did I have to lose? it was just a paper weight anyway. Actually my plan was to turn it into a super fly piece of bling by attaching it to a big gold chain.

I actually did find some supportive testimonials online saying that a good whack will cure an ailing iPod. And my good buddy Tony had done the same thing with good results. So with a couple whacks on the surface of my desk, I plugged the sucker in and lo and behold I could import music with no problem!

I can’t decide if I want to rename my resurrected iPod Lazarus, or Andy Kaufman.

Update: It seems the iPod is still a bit messed. It’s picky about uploading tracks now. I does work. But, only sometimes. So the miracle cure wasn’t as great as I thought. I’ll just have to find something more interesting to do with it. I wonder how much it would cost to shoot it out into space?