I came across numerous videos of this guy playing keyboard in the New York subway. Anything that can get a bunch of people to whip out their cameras and shoot some video AND THEN post it to YouTubey has got to be worthy of a sharing.

This man seems to embody the sublime. That which we don’t understand. That which draws us in and frightens us at the same time. He reaffirms my idea that life in New York happens on a different plane than elsewhere in the U.S.  The sheer size of the city and the density at which people live imbues experiences with a vividness that does not occur in other cities.



Those of you who have been paying attention should have noticed that I never got around to posting TAS-T10-FMD-2008  – #1. Well, it’s been difficult to choose. There’s been a lot of back and forth here at the Siren. We’ve had internal voting, filibusters, and an arm wrestling tournament, all to no avail. But in the end we decided that the #1 free music download should be your choice. So let’s hear them. Send in links to the best/weirdest stuff you’ve found online. Or the stuff that you’ve made on your own, that’s cool too. But first some ground rules.

1. The download must be free in nature. I don’t want a bunch of crap Mediafire links to ripped versions of that last TV On The Radio album. Downloads should be originally provided either by the artist, label, or archivists (by archivists I mean someone with an appreciation for music who has made available online music from a source not widely available—think of the WFMU blog for example)

2. Put some effort into it. Links to stuff that everyone already knows about are boring. NIN’s The Slip was a great album but let’s really dig for some good stuff. Imagine getting on your hands and knees at your favorite record store and going through all the records that are kept in boxes on the floor. The ones UNDERNEATH the regularly shelved ones. You know the ones I’m talking about. The ones that aren’t even PRICED because the manager never expected to sell them.

3. Tell us why you picked it. Why do you think it’s interesting? Nothing long, just a little context.

4. Netiquette. If you found the link on another blog please let us know what it is and we’ll throw them some propers.

5. Have fun with it. It doesn’t even have to be music! Just vaguely musical in nature. Or hell, just something weird and interesting. (Remember that Longmont Potion Castle stuff I featured last year?)

So there it is. You can either post your links with a brief summary in the comments, or you can email them to me directly at acme_siren@hotmail.com

Thanks everyone!

I love this.




The latest video from our good buddies His Mis. They had a great CD realease party for The Perfect Lover. They have a few other things planned including an all-ages release party (most likely at Eclipse).

How did Ill Mitch get into my record collection? Honestly. I’m not joking.


Spotted at the Muddy Pig. Thanks to Der Bridge for the photo.


The Acme Siren’s Top 10 Free Music Downloads of 2008 – #2

If you haven’t seen THX 1138 you must do so immediately. George Lucas’s first movie, in my opinion, is his finest. No Skywalker or Boba Fett sadness in this piece. A strange story of self-control, love, and exploration featuring a very young Robert Duvall. Made with an almost non-existent budget (the film actually almost bankrupt Zoetrope Films) it shows Lucas’s ingenuity back when his genius was first emerging. But enough about the film let’s talk about the music. The download includes the complete score of the film WITH complementing dialouge and foley from the film. This is NOT the official soundtrack, it is many times better. Also included is a conversation with Walter Murch, the sound designer for the film, who talks about creating the sound and atmosphere which played such a large role in making this film not just good, but great.

Walter Murch – THX 1138 – 1:46:15

This music is good for: talking trash with film buffs.


Der Bridge found this lovely gem. Thanks buddy.

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