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50 Things We Learned About David Lee Roth From VH1, by the inimitable John Ryan Gallagher.



Happy Holidays from the Acme Siren!

I know I’ve been lax in the updates for the past, oh, 2 years, and I know the header still says ‘Spring ’09’, but here’s to a better 2010. I’m thinking of having internet installed in my apartment as my Christmas gift to myself, which would allow me to write posts from home rather than during my free time at work. Regardless rest assured I’m currently working very hard on compiling the 2009 edition of the best free music downloads. Because that’s what Christmas is about!

It’s Karoake 2.0! God help us.

Amerinan Idol Star Studio – Players stand in front of a green screen while the game films them and creates a music video background while they sing. Their performance is then emailed to them or burnt onto a DVD players can take home.

Fortunately this project has been killed. Found via Berg.


Looks like bling may not be the investment it once was according to this article from the Wall Street Journal. Back in my day, you could trust your bling.

I came across numerous videos of this guy playing keyboard in the New York subway. Anything that can get a bunch of people to whip out their cameras and shoot some video AND THEN post it to YouTubey has got to be worthy of a sharing.

This man seems to embody the sublime. That which we don’t understand. That which draws us in and frightens us at the same time. He reaffirms my idea that life in New York happens on a different plane than elsewhere in the U.S.  The sheer size of the city and the density at which people live imbues experiences with a vividness that does not occur in other cities.

How did Ill Mitch get into my record collection? Honestly. I’m not joking.

From my father. With an apology.

Note to self: chroma key + hand held camera = bad, bad idea.

He’s celebrating. For almost 10 minutes. (I’m working on the Top ten free music downloads post, I promise)


Christophe Szpajdel talks death meal logos with VICE!