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Spotted at the Muddy Pig. Thanks to Der Bridge for the photo.



Der Bridge found this lovely gem. Thanks buddy.

For more hilarious cross-stitchery check out: ST!#CH OUT LOUD.


I wouldn’t mind Hillman Curtis’s films so much if everyone in them wasn’t trying to act so damn cool. The actors in Hillman Curtis films act like real people acting like the actors they see in Jim Jarmusch films who are actually acting like real people.

(Here’s what 2 guys talking in a bar really looks like.)

Those of you who have been reading The Siren for a while will remember Spinal Tap Tuesday! Where on every Tuesday we would start the day off with a Spinal Tap related post. Well it can be tough to find Spinal Tap related content once a week every week, and Spinal Tap Tuesday became less and less frequent. Well here’s some new stuff! National Geographic interview Nigel Tufnel about the origins of Spinal Tap.

I hereby release Spinal Tap Tuesday from the shackles of weekly obligation! The enjoyment of Spinal Tap shall be possible everyday! (At least everyday that I can find some Spinal Tap related content)


I think this might be a sign that I should start doing Spinal Tap Tuesday again.


“Up until an hour ago, I thought this was a practical joke,” said Christopher Guest as he stood at the podium at the Berklee Performance Center on Friday. But there he was, having just been given the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Music … (via The Boston Globe)

We missed last Tuesday so we’re doing it on Thursday? Questions? Ok. Good. Watch the clip.

“How much more black could this be?”



Last time we did Spinal Tap Tuesday!! I featured the entire script for the film online. I thought the fact that someone made a “script” for an improvised film was rather funny. Well now it seems someone has had an actual copy of it signed by members of the cast and is selling it on ebay. And what’s the price for this strike against authenticity? 16.95! Act fast, there are only 2 days left of bidding.


Here is the “script” for This is Spinal Tap. I hesitate to call it a script since the film was largely improvised and this was written after the production of the film. But, it’s still impressive. Here it is.