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Adult Swim is doing it again. If you’ll remember back a year or two ago, Adult Swim released an EP follow up of the much lauded Danger Doom album. The EP was complete with guest appearances by Space Ghost, Meatwad, and Master Shake. It was titled The Occult Hymn EP, and it was free for download (I can’t find it anymore, you’ll have to buy it.) This time they’ve teamed up with the Ghostly International label to release Ghostly Swim, a free for download compilation (without the animated guests this time). With artists like Dabrye, Deastro, and School of Seven Bells it’s definitely worth checking out.



More laidback, ethereal goodness from Tycho. Hopefully the full-length will follow shortly. Preview and purchase at his ISO50 blog.

I’d also highly recommend his other release: Past is Prologue.