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So as I mentioned earlier, Bud and I went to the Justice show last night. It was quite good. The sound was very good. The only thing I could really complain about was the terrible sight lines in the Foundation. When we went to see Cut Chemist there last year we had a great spot. Right in front and off to the side. This time around the club had made some ‘adjustments’ to the floor plan. The ‘Deep Lounge’ is now used as the coat check, the back bar area had been cordoned off for ‘Bottle Service‘, which I assumed was a variant on the always frustrating VIP section (the fact that I didn’t know what ‘Bottle Service’ meant only reinforced my understanding that I didn’t belong there), and a large part of the floor opposite the stage had been converted into a DJ booth. All of these things greatly limited the available floor space for the plebeian concert going masses, reducing visibility and my personal bubble space.

So in keeping with the tradition set for by the Acme Siren let’s review what we learned at the show.

1. If you’re going to a dance/techno/electronic show wear long sleeves. The kids like to dance and they get real sweaty doing it. So cover up. I’d recommend a leather jacket if it’s not too hot in the venue. If you’re not wearing long sleeves and another show-goer happens to brush against you depositing copious amounts of perspiration, walk through a high traffic portion of the venue making sure to brush up against as many people as possible, thus removing the sweat from your body. On a related note, watch out for where you sit. I was at a show a while back that had couches scattered around the venue. I sat down on one to rest for a bit and the moisture from an untold number of individuals immediately soaked my clothing through from the nape of my neck to the back of my knees. Imagine sitting on an oversized YMCA bathtowel that’s been sitting on the floor of the locker room for God knows how long. That’ll put a damper on the evening’s enjoyment.


2. It’s OK to take approximately 5 pictures. Just enough to make sure you got a good one, no more. All your pictures will probably look like this anyway. Leave it to the professionals.

3. Speaking of professional photographers, it should be noted that one guy standing alone next to the bar drinking a beer is not a good candidate for having his picture taken by the staff photographer. 5 girls, sloshed on cosmos will always make for a better photo op. I think it has something to do with providing more compositional options or something. But there’s nothing stopping you from being in the background of that shot! I think I got into 3 or 4 shots before the photographer gave me a nasty look and went away.

4. In a darkened club with loud music and fake fog you can pay your way into certain situations. Bud was kind enough, and smart enough, to slip one of the security guards a five spot so we could truck through the Bottle Service area to get to the bathrooms, rather than fighting our way through the crowd.

5. Nobody likes a pusher. Nobody. You know who you are. And so does the rest of the club. And we all hate you. Those of you who try to push and force your way to the front of the bar, or railing, or stage, I only have one thing to say to you, “You suck. Don’t do that.” Consider yourself warned. When your pushing your way through the crowd like a grizzly in a donut shop, I’m pouring beer in your purse (actually happened last night), and the girl behind me is going to knock your drink out of your hand (actually happened last night), and someone else is gonna fuck up your shiny shoes (probably happened a lot last night) and nobody’s going to feel bad for you. Not a soul.

There you have it. All in all it was a good show. I think the band might have read my pre-post about the show, because they finished off their set with a mashed up version of Master of Puppets, just for the Metallica fans.


Sorry Metallica fans this post is not for you. Well, maybe. Do you like the band Justice? You do! Then OK, this post is for you too then.

My and my bro Bud are going to see Justice live at the Foundation Nightclub this Tuesday. I’m going to play the Hipster Card here and say that I was into Justice when they released their “Rivers of Nazareth EP” 2 years ago! It wasn’t until they released D.A.N.C.E. as the hit single, and hit video, to their new album “✝” that they really blew up. I’m done. (This Hipster Moment brought to you by Adidas.)

Original D.A.N.C.E. video

Anyway, if their live show next week is anything like their performance on Jimmy Kimmel live, I’m going to be very happy.

D.A.N.C.E. performed live on Jimmy Kimmel

If you’re pickin’ up what Justice is layin’ down, I’d recommend checking out the rest of the Ed Banger catalog.