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Herbie Hancock jams with his Fairlight CMI

Jel sweetcreaminit live mix on his MPC


Ok, so this is only tangentially music related, but DoseOne of Anticon/cLoudead/Subtle6 fame has started drawing a rather surreal yet utterly satisfying cartoon entitled NOTgarfield. Here’s what Mr. Dose has to say about it:

My countless hours on the verge of puberty, spent drawing and tracing Garfield, have finally paid off… More importantly I have finally found a perfect window for my sense of humor, which all too often has to take the back seat to my seriousness… Bottom line is it’s “laugh or die” for me lately, and I hope these tiny cartoons help spread that sentiment outwards toward whom ever might need it most….



Odd Nosdam‘s (AKA David Madson) latest album Level Live Wires is capable of hanging in the air like a slow motion sparrow and grating on concrete like discarded cassette tape. Often at the same time. Picking up where Burner left off Madson has managed to dial in and perfect the imperfect nature of his sound. The result of countless hours of experimentation and distortion his process of composition feels tighter and more focused than on previous releases. The album as a whole tells a much more consistent story than Burner, and the humorous sampling and editing of No More Wig For Ohio is entirely absent. The samples that Madson does use are so distorted and so thoroughly integrated into each track they exist as supporting pieces, not highlights. Sonically there are still many parallels to Burner, as some of the material on Level Live was in process at the time of its release. Much of the distortion and synth is the same and Madson again uses the lovely voice of Jessica Bailiff. The incredible sense of analog-ness that so clearly signifies Madson’s work is also readily apparent. Tracks hiss and pop, overdrive and weave in such a way that one imagines the rotation of either a turntable or a cassette deck on a subconscious level. On the whole Level Live Wires is a seemingly more mature grown up companion to Burner, and a very good listen.

Check out a great interview with David Madson and stream the whole album over at paperthinwalls.

Clouded from Odd Nosdam’s Burner. Directed by Spencer Williams

There are only a few events in my life that remain in my head as truly indelible memories. It is these moments in my life that are seamlessly woven into who I was as a person, and how I viewed the world at a particular time; learning of the World Trade Center attack, listening to the O.J. Simpson verdict, my first prostate examination. Acquiring a handful of Odd Nosdam releases during a visit to Cheapo Records is also one of these events. At the time I was totally unaware of the Anticon label and their roster of loosely associated artist. I had seen WHY? in concert along with Fog at the Cedar Cultural Center and had enjoyed it, but that had been the extent of my exposure. So when I found WHY?’s Oklandazulasylum in the used bin for 4 bucks I thought I’d give it a listen. Listening to that album opened me up to the truly indescribable sounds of Anticon. I rummaged through the remaining bins and found cLOUDEAD‘s first 2 albums, and Odd Nosdam’s Burner.

At the time I was unaware of Odd Nodam’s connection with both WHY? and cLOUDED (although learning about it later, it made perfect sense.) These 4 albums defined my entire summer of 2006, in fact I just recently removed them from the back seat of my car.

Burner is the kind of album that is difficult to listen to at first. The layering and collaging of sounds makes one want to listen harder to discern them. But, after while you’re forced you to relax if you are going to derive any enjoyment at all from the album. Droning tones and periods of silence make it the kind of album that should be listened to in its entirety from start to finish.

So I was doubly excited to learn of Odd Nosdam’s new album and the promotional deal offered by Anticon and MUSH records whereby one can purchase the new album along with a CD containing the instrumentals from cLOUDEAD’s self-titled album!

From the Anticon website:
An Odd Nosdam record is something more than music. More and more, David P. Madson’s albums are collections of wordless short stories and scenes, intricately woven audio scrapbooks that buzz with singular experience as lived through the eyes and ears of one very electric human conduit. Whereas 2005’s threateningly dense and gorgeous Burner was built amongst bad relationships, nasty headspaces and East Oakland situations, Level Live Wires is the distinct product of inspiration, bizarre happenstance and wonder lived out in a series of bright moments eventually brought together under the roof of an unruffled West Berkeley cottage. Here 8-track cassettes, samplers, synths and Dictaphones, lost records and found sounds, field recordings and happy accidents are brought to stirring life by our humble collagist.

My review will be forthcoming.