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How did Ill Mitch get into my record collection? Honestly. I’m not joking.



Spotted at the Muddy Pig. Thanks to Der Bridge for the photo.


The Acme Siren’s Top 10 Free Music Downloads of 2008 – #2

If you haven’t seen THX 1138 you must do so immediately. George Lucas’s first movie, in my opinion, is his finest. No Skywalker or Boba Fett sadness in this piece. A strange story of self-control, love, and exploration featuring a very young Robert Duvall. Made with an almost non-existent budget (the film actually almost bankrupt Zoetrope Films) it shows Lucas’s ingenuity back when his genius was first emerging. But enough about the film let’s talk about the music. The download includes the complete score of the film WITH complementing dialouge and foley from the film. This is NOT the official soundtrack, it is many times better. Also included is a conversation with Walter Murch, the sound designer for the film, who talks about creating the sound and atmosphere which played such a large role in making this film not just good, but great.

Walter Murch – THX 1138 – 1:46:15

This music is good for: talking trash with film buffs.


Der Bridge found this lovely gem. Thanks buddy.

For more hilarious cross-stitchery check out: ST!#CH OUT LOUD.


The Acme Siren’s Top 10 Free Music Downloads of 2008 – #3

Rarely does one find a cache of music this large on the internet. While not all of it is new, and not all of it is good, a whole lot of it is really good to have. This is a three part mix titled “Summer.” The parts are named Liberté, Egalité, and Fraternité. As a mix it’s a great start to that all day mix you need for your barbeque or beach house party (although you might want to remove the Autechre and put it in the “Winter” mix. I’m not sure how it got in there.) The Summer Mix is something to put on and forget about, allowing you to enjoy the friends, food and fun of summer. Never mind that it’s 40º (which in February can feel balmy here in Minnesota), or that it’s raining, or that you live in a landlocked state with no access to an appreciable beach. Just put on the “Summer” mix and some sunglasses and you’ll be fine.

Summer Mix – Liberté, Egalité, and Fraternité – 3:55:22

This music is good for: Barbeques, the beach, driving to the beach, picnics, backyards, bocci ball, trying to throw the frisbee further than the dog can run, flying kites with friends in the football field of your old junior high school, sun, swimsuits (one, and two-pieces, but especially two-pieces), bon fires, s’mores, and clambakes. Enjoy.