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The Acme Siren’s Top 10 Free Music Downloads of 2008 – #4

Atlas Sound is the name of Bradford Cox’s solo musical endeavor. Cox is better known as the frontman for the Atlana five piece band Deerhunter. Atlas Sound is very different from Deerhunter in that it is decidely less rock roll and more exploratory of Cox’s individual inspirations. As Cox says: “It’s just that I have ideas that I can’t make work with a five piece rock band…there’s kind of this palette of sounds that I use that I don’t necessarily get to use with Deerhunter.”

Wether it’s writing songs about things he misses by being on the road touring with Animal Collective, or creating something beautiful while doped up on meds at the hospital it’s always something different and always enjoyable.

All of Atlas Sound’s downloads can be found here at their blog. Along with a lot of cool videos and stuff about touring with Deerhunter and Animal Collective. I’ve listed my favorite free downloads below.

Atlas Sound – April 13th – 11:52
Atlas Sound – How I Escaped The Prison Of Fractals – 46:02
Atlas Sound – Two Halloween Dances – 7:54

This music is good for: discovering the creative spirit.



The Acme Siren’s Top 10 Free Music Downloads of 2008 – #5

Philip Glass + Hip Hop = Amazing!
It’s like Koyaanisqatsi with lowriders!

DJ BC, Glassbreaks – 45:25

This music is good for: Philip Glass who?


The Acme Siren’s Top 10 Free Music Downloads of 2008 – #6

Highly sample based and highly recommended. Paul Diddy does a good job of it all together. Most heavily sample based recordings are either incredible repetitive, or remarkably un-musical. Diddy hits a good medium with his latest; “Elaborate.” Combining soul, eastern European influences, and drum loops from I-don’t-know-where, “Elaborate” sounds like nothing I’ve heard recently (The Avalanches come to mind, but Diddy is a lot grittier). His earlier recording “Cultivated Incompetence,” released under his pseudonym “did he?,” is also a very fine layered mess of samples. Diddy refers to “Cultivated” as hip-flop, and it’s a fitting name. All of his recordings are free, but please donate if you’d like.

Paul Diddy – “Cultivated Incompetence” – 1:05:40, “Elaborate” – 34:25 (his site is all flash so you’ll have to click on the second bouncing hydraulic lowrider from the right to get to the music page.)

This music is good for: General weirdness.

From my father. With an apology.

Note to self: chroma key + hand held camera = bad, bad idea.


The Acme Siren’s Top 10 Free Music Downloads of 2008 – #7

Oh Lucky Me. A somewhat strange but utterly beautiful collective of hip hop musicians and rappers from the Glasgow area. That’s right, Glasgow, Scotland. These are some super fly, super deep digs ranging from electro to hip hop mash-ups. (I’d recommend the Drums Volume One mix and the Tapioca Cosmic Soul mix)

Luck Me Mixtapes – Times range from 20 min. to over an hour.

This music is good for: Art, parties, art parties, art art, “parties” parties, that party, this party, every where a party party.


The Acme Siren’s Top 10 Free Music Downloads of 2008 – #8

Shh… Like an orchestra played at half speed. Underwater.

Shh – Vol. 1 – 42:20, Vol. 2 – 40:21 (click the 3rd bar from the top)

This music is good for: sleeping in, rainy days, sunny days, road trips, zoning out on long-ish airline flights, working, sadness, apathy, love, and loss.


Another gem from Cat and Girl.


The Acme Siren’s Top 10 Free Music Downloads of 2008 – #9

A 50-minute collection of Bomarr-related projects featuring remix work with Restiform Bodies (Of Montreal, Sole, Alan Astor, Smyglyssna), collaborations with Ellay Khule (Project Blowed), Circus (Shapeshifters), Passage & Clovis Heald, compilation songs, remixes by Superargo & Cars and Trains, and previously unreleased solo material.

Bomarr, “Scraps” – 50:28

Bomarr on

This music is good for: impressing your friends with your ability to dig up obscure remixes of already obscure Anticon tracks.


The Acme Siren’s Top 10 Free Music Downloads of 2008 – #10

The first of 10 free music downloads found and favored by The Acme Siren. We’re starting off with a beat mix put together by Slugabed. It features a little down and dirty electro, with a touch of booty bass, and a dash of blip hop. It ain’t poppy, but it’s your brother!

Slugabeatmix – 10:29

This music is good for: that part of the evening when everything starts moving in slow motion and you can’t wait for the commercial break, or the credits to roll, whichever comes first. Or, when the party’s over and you want all the drunk assholes to leave your apartment so you can get some sleep.