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I’ve been subscribing to the the XLR8R Mixcasts for a while now. Most are hit or miss, but I’m always pleased with the large amount of new music they dig up, and its variety. But the most recent mixcast (9-9-08) really blew my socks off. It’s a mix put together by Tobacco from Black Moth Super Rainbow. Darkly titled “Songs to Get Killed in the Woods to” it combines some new BMSR, Prank calls from the likes of Longmont Potion Castle, some old Beck, the Butthole Surfers thrown in for good measure, plus a lot more.

XLR8R Mixcast 9-9-08, Songs to Get Killed in the Woods To – Tobacco


Went to upload some new stuff to The Acme Siren Muxtape this morning and found this:

I also found this article on WIRED. (The playlist shown in the article seems a bit eclectic to us at The Siren, and we love it!) I would imagine that the record labels would want to capitalize on every opportunity to garner exposure for their music. Hell, there’s nothing from stopping them from making their own Muxtapes! (Can you imagine a Columbia Jazz Muxtape?) It would be a great way for the labels to use the technology to their advantage rather than piss and moan about royalties.

This Thursday, Sept. 10, CERN’s Large Hadron Collider will attempt the first full circulation of a high-energy particle beam. “What is the Large Hadron Collider,” you ask? “What’s all this jive about high-energy protons you be spittin’?”

Well, let me expain in the form of a rap!

Those of you who have been reading The Siren for a while will remember Spinal Tap Tuesday! Where on every Tuesday we would start the day off with a Spinal Tap related post. Well it can be tough to find Spinal Tap related content once a week every week, and Spinal Tap Tuesday became less and less frequent. Well here’s some new stuff! National Geographic interview Nigel Tufnel about the origins of Spinal Tap.

I hereby release Spinal Tap Tuesday from the shackles of weekly obligation! The enjoyment of Spinal Tap shall be possible everyday! (At least everyday that I can find some Spinal Tap related content)

You know you want this fly hoodie with a breakdancing Empire State Building! That’s right New York! Let me know where you at!

Found these great cell phone concepts from Yamaha on today. (Click on the icons at the bottom and then the black box with the arrow to view the videos, or watch the videos here) Looks like some really cool stuff is being done with the form factor of the cell phone. The cube is especially surprising and delightful.