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I am probably the last person to recommend a music festival to anyone. I much prefer to see live music in a setting that is amenable to the rule of hundreds (being less than 100 feet from the stage, and in the presence of less than 100 people) and most importantly, hippie-free. Hacksacks, hemp jewelry, and worst of all the scent of patchouli are the garlic to my musical vampirism. The silver bullet to the werewolf of my musical enjoyment.


I must say, if at all possible, you really ought to check out the Deep Blue Festival. Focusing on grittier punk-blues the festival plays at the Washington County Fairgrounds July 18-20. This ain’t Famous Daves people. This is the purest state of the blues as we know it today. And if you can’t make it to the festival stop into Big V’s on the 18th and the 19th for the afterparty to see more live music from some of the festival bands. (Big V’s has also received a Gold Star Rating in The Rule of Hundreds Standards from The Acme Siren’s Council for the Enjoyment of Music. It’s also a hackysack free zone!)


Muxtape has been around for a little while now. It’s basically a way to create a mix tape and share it online. At the urging of a friend the Siren has created their own Muxtape. After some initial investigation it became clear that there was definitely some weirdness missing from the world of Muxtape. So we chose some of the more interesting mp3s (Muxtape doesn’t support any other formats yet) from our collection to upload. If you’re interested in acquiring any of the tracks in the playlist feel free to contact us at the Siren (the ‘Buy this mp3’ link won’t b much help since most of what’s there was download from the far reaches of the internet.)