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Cover art by Gabriel Ricioppo

Chirp’s Spring 2008 mix is now available for download. Looks like some hot new tracks from the likes of Ruckus Roboticus, General Elektriks, and Panther.



I’m happy to announce that Yoshime of The Revival Blog has complied the fourth volume in his Rare & Bizarre series. These tracks range from funk and soul, to moogy strangeness. It’s definitely one of the best collections of rare tracks you are going to find on the internet, or anywhere else for that matter (Rhino eat your heart out). This is what the internet was made for.

Here’s how Yoshime describes this volume:

“A little bit more jazzy than the previous ones, but with many funky grooves and lounge and bossa nova sounds. It hasĀ  made with a special care. If you have listened the other ones you must know what is about: almost everything from Italian, Frenchy, German and Russian soundtracks and libraries.”

You might have to dig a little to find the previous 3 volumes, but trust me it’s worth it.


I had been super excited to see BMSR for a long time. They’ve become one of my favorite bands as of late, and as luck would have it they were playing at one of my favorite venues, The 7th Street Entry. I was flying out to see my good friend Tony Venne (of in Baltimore the next morning so I wasn’t able to get too rowdy. Here’s what I learned:

1. The Entry isn’t as loud as it used to be, or I’m losing my hearing. This scares me a little bit. It’s possible that the years of working around loud trucks, bobcats, metal shops and the like, coupled with all the live rock shows I’ve seen are catching up with me. So I think it’s time to go out and purchase a pair of rock and roll earplugs.

2. A lot of good looking girls go to The Entry. At least there were a lot of them there on Thursday for the BMSR show. I realized this in retrospect after spending a long weekend in Baltimore, a city which has a shockingly low supply of attractive women. DC and New York must have a stronger gravitational pull.

3. The spirit of Michael Jackson lives on in a white dude in a leather jacket with a beard like Jesus. I didn’t get his name, but he was tearing the place up with his Jackson-esque pops and locks during the opening act of Mux Mool. It was humorous and a bit impressive to watch. There was also another guy dancing. Right in front of me. And I mean RIGHT in front of me. He was being crowded off to the side of the floor by White Michael’s wild moves. This guy’s moves were much tamer than White Michael’s although I was a bit scared that his close proximity to myself would result in an unfortunate collision and the spillage of beer. I felt compelled to share my thoughts on dancing at rock shows (granted Mux Mool is more techno-dance than rock) which you can find in this earlier Acme Siren post but it seemed a bit like overkill. I’m thinking of just printing up some little cards to hand out for next time.

4. I’m getting older. This is in addition to the (possible) hearing loss. During they’re set BMSR projected toy commercials from the 80s behind the stage. Gazing at commercials for Mad Balls and M.U.S.C.L.E. Men I slipped into a stupor of nostalgia and envy. It was becoming difficult to listen to the band. I was hearing the music, but it became secondary to the toy induced flashback I was having. I had wanted those toys so bad, but my parents would never buy them for me (a fact for which I am grateful now), and it seemed like everyone else had them, or more of them, or something better. All I had was a cruddy Walkman and a shit-ton of paper and pens. Thanks.

On the whole I’d say the show was really pretty good. It must be difficult to take the strangeness and mystery of a band like BMSR and put it on stage. It’s a bit like trying to describe an abstract expressionist painting to someone over the phone. While the music and the visuals are easy enough to grasp, giving form to the aura that surrounds a band whose members have names like Tobacco, and Power Pill Fist could be next to impossible. I hope you get to see them soon.