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Happy Holidays from the Acme Siren!

I know I’ve been lax in the updates for the past, oh, 2 years, and I know the header still says ‘Spring ’09’, but here’s to a better 2010. I’m thinking of having internet installed in my apartment as my Christmas gift to myself, which would allow me to write posts from home rather than during my free time at work. Regardless rest assured I’m currently working very hard on compiling the 2009 edition of the best free music downloads. Because that’s what Christmas is about!

I ordered a Stylophone Beatbox immediately after viewing this video.

It’s Karoake 2.0! God help us.

Amerinan Idol Star Studio – Players stand in front of a green screen while the game films them and creates a music video background while they sing. Their performance is then emailed to them or burnt onto a DVD players can take home.

Fortunately this project has been killed. Found via Berg.

Calvin Harris actually calls it the Humanthesizer. Whatever. It’s a synth, and it’s got bikini models. What more could one ask for. I wonder when the home version is coming out.

Check out the making of video too, it features a bunch of smart cats from the Royal College of Art.


Mr Bernal has a nice Dilla-esque instrumental sound. Actually the first cut of this short little compilation is titled ‘Diego’s Donut (RIP Dilla). Quite nice. 19 short little tracks that are perfect for mass consumption and repeated listening, just like the original ‘Donuts.’ Track 13 remixes an ’86 track of MC Rakim and the Furious Boyz crew, hands down my favorite.

Diego Bernal – ‘For Corners’ – 19 tracks, 40:21 total time


One copy of The Commodores “Too Hot To Trot” 45 single and an Akai Headrush looping pedal.

Too Hot to Trot Trot Trot Trot


Slow Ride Slow Ride

Here at the Acme Siren we link to a lot of music, for a change we thought we’d link to some of our own. Here’s a quick mix-up I did with 2 copies of Foghat Live, 2 turntables, and nothing more.

If your interested in downloading the actual album in its entirety check it out here.


Just popped over to the Cowboys from Sweden myspace blog to see what was new, and lo and behold! Smoke! A new mix tape! These guys put together some of the best mixes I’ve heard. Most of it is from the 60s and includes Serge Gainsbourg, Piero Umiliani, Sven Libaek, and Les Baxter.


Looks like bling may not be the investment it once was according to this article from the Wall Street Journal. Back in my day, you could trust your bling.